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July 2011

Azande People
Spotlight on the Azande people

Western Equatoria State Part 2
Spotlight on Western Equatoria

Western Equatoria State Part 1
Spotlight on Western Equatoria

Spotlight on the Pari people of Eastern Equatoria

Spotlight on the Madi people of Eastern Equatoria

Spotlight on the Acholi people of Eastern Equatoria

Eastern Equatoria State Part 2
Spotlight on Eastern Equatoria's ethnic groups

June 2011

Eastern Equatoria State Part 1

Spotlight on Eastern Equatoria State

Bari people

Spotlight on the Bari People

Central Equatoria State

Spotlight on Central Equatoria State and it's people

Shilluk and their fellow Luo people

Learn about the history of the Luo people, which includes tribal groups from South Sudan such as the Shilluk,Jur-Chol and Acholi amongst others

Shilluk People
Spotlight on the Shilluk People,learn about the Shilluk Kingdom and their traditions

Upper Nile State

Spotlight on Upper Nile State,it's people and significant history

Spotlight on the Nuer people and their culture

Spotlight on Unity State in Upper Nile province

Spotlight on Jonglei State in Upper Nile Province and their residents

The Dinka People
Spotlight on the Dinka people and their culture

Northern Bahr el Ghazal
Spotlight on South Sudanese State Northern Bahr el Ghazel

Warrap,Bahr el Ghazel
Spotlight on South Sudanese State Warrap

Lakes,Bahr el Ghazel
Spotlight on South Sudanese State 'The Lakes'

Western Bahr el Ghazal
Spotlight on South Sudanese state 'Western Bahr el Ghazal'

Modern day South sudanes land and it's people 
Introduction to this week's theme,highlighting it's three provinces,ten states,key cities and key tribes

May 2011
He could take you to the Moviessss

Spotlight on critically acclaimed Australian based South Sudanese Rapper Bangs

He has been hailed as the UK's No1 Rapper

Spotlight on critically acclaimed South Sudanese Rapper Joe Black

Giving us more hope is...
Continues the 'Positivity through music' and 'Modern Music' themes with a spotlight on UK based South Sudanese Artist's South Sudan Emmanuel Jal and Connie A

Putting our hope into music
Highlights the positive messages spoken through South Sudanese Artist Yaba Angelosi's music

Mini five point Fact-file
Introduction to South Sudan,through 5 keys facts

Independence here we come
Highlights the forthcoming South Sudanese Independence

Happy Africa Day 
Celebrates Africa Day