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Western Bahr el Ghazal State

Province: Bahr El Ghazal


Counties and their main cites:

Jur River County: 
Mapel and Mbeli

Raja County: 

Wau County: 


Capital city: Wau

Train to leading Wau

Jur Luo (Jurchol) Ethnic Group


It is said that Jurchol the descendants of Dimo,the brother of Nyikango the father of Shilluk and Gilo the father of Anyuak people,who are all part of the Luo ethnic group who are said to have originated in Bahr el Ghazal.Due to a power struggle between the clans,lead to the separation which lead to Nyikango and Gilo's migration to Upper Nile in the 10th Century.Whereby Dimo's clan remained.

Yulu ethnic group

Estimated 4,000 people 
Arabic (adoptive language as their orginal language is no longer spoken)


Islam (Majority)

Majority Tribes

Other tribes also include Aja, Dinka,Balanda, Ndogo,Kresh and Bai


  1. Please Dinka Twic East is not Dinka Bor. Visit wikipedia or

  2. I assume you are referring to my article on The Dinka people or Jonglei state.As I explained Bor is the state capital of Jonglei therefore Dinka Bor and Dinka Twic East are both found there.

    I must also stress that I did not state that Dinka Twic East is Dinka Bor.

    Thank you for the comment and your link.


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