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Nuer People

Also known as Nei Ti Naath (translates to ‘people’) or just 'Naath'.Nuer are the second largest tribe after the Dinka people in South Sudan

Nuer land

Relations-Nuer in Ethiopia

Nuer and their neighbours the Dinka people were once part of the same tribe but separated in the 18th century after a disagreement.A myth that is believed by many was that Jieng (Dinka) and Naath (Nuer) were brothers who fell out,when Jieng deceived  his family by stealing his brothers calf .The calf was a present from their father to Naath,Jieng was originally promised a cow as a present from their father.

Sub clans:

Bentiu Bul Gok  
Dok The Naath (population of 2 million) found in Bentiu, central (Pangak and Akobo) and in eastern (Nasir) Upper Nile. With the river Nile as the principal geographic dividing line 
    'Rool Naath' (the Nuer land)
     Nei ti Naath Ciang (homeland Nuer)
    'Nei ti Naath Door' (wilderness Nuer) form the first level federal division.
      Residents of areas around:

      River Zeraf
      River Baro 
      Pibor rivers

      Naming of children 

      "Nya" (née ya) meaning "daughter of", is the standard prefix used for female names.
      "Gat" meaning "son of", is a common prefix for male names.
         Names to mark historical events

        "Domaac" meaning "bullet"
        "Mac" meaning "fire or gun" given to a child born during times of war or from another man in the name of the deceased father who legally married the mother
        "Nhial" means "rain" for males (which now a common name)
          Facial markings (Gaar)

          The facial markings at part of their initiation into adulthood,each pattern of Nuer scarification varies within sub groups/clans.

          The most common initiation pattern among males consists of six parallel horizontal lines which are cut across the forehead with a razor, often with a dip in the lines above the nose. Dotted patterns are also common among the Bul Nuer and among females.

          A Nuer male
          Nuer diaspora

          United States including states such as Iowa,South Dakota,Minnnesota,Tennessee,Georgia

          Canada mainly in Toronto,Edmonton and Calgary

          Australia where an estimated third of the South Sudanese population (20,000 people in 2008) are said to be from the Nuer ethnic group

          United Kingdom amongst other places overseas
            Notable Nuer people

            Riek Machar Teny (Politician)-Vice President of South Sudan
            Bul Nyawan (Politician)- fought against the Khartoum government in Bentiu but was killed in 1985 by the current president of Sudan.
            Commander Ruai and Leah Diu Deng were responsible for the attack that forced Cheveron to suspend activities in the oil field around 1982.

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